The documentary “Me and the others” describes the everyday life in Zanneio Institution of Childcare and Education which operates since 1874.

It is estimated that it has been home for more than 10,000 children, orphaned children in the past and nowadays children coming from families that face severe social and economic problems.

After 130 years of continuous operation we become familiar with the Institution during its heyday.

Zanneio is not what we consider the “typical case of an Institution”. Its pedagogical approach is innovative because it is attractive to the children,

it emphasizes on their rights and it focuses mainly on the uniqueness of each child.

It is located in a beautiful setting combining  the calmness and nature and one can easily discern that it is a small paradise for these children.

Unfortunately in 2013, amid economic crisis, the Board of Directors decides on the cessation of the activity of Zanneio Institution.

At the same time the remarkable and innovative work undertaken by the Institution is meant to end this way.

Today most of the Childcare Institutions in Greece face serious financial problems and thus survival problems.

Zanneio Institution is the first one to be shut down.

Me and the others